You can lead a (dog) to water

…but you can’t make her drink.

Today’s post is my shout out to the coolest dog currently on the Earth, Ellie Sue. I got Ellie back at Thanksgiving when she showed up at my parents’ back door step. God knew what he was doing by sending her to our family…she got a mama who loves her tons and the rest of the family who thinks I don’t spoil her enough.

She is pretty spoiled but not rotten {unless you consider the fact that she’s perched on top of me right now a sign that she’s rotten}. Anyway, to the point of the post! Ellie has had many of Zaley’s (my last dog and best girl ever!) hand-me-downs including her dog bowls. See exhibit A below:


These have been looking all kinds of rough for awhile now. They are still in good repair except for the design so I decided to jazz them up instead of buy brand new ones. Painting them would have probably been the easiest solution but I have been wanting to use my glossy Modpodge so I attempted using scrapbook paper instead.

After many layers of Modpodge, one bowl is back in action and looking pretty fancy, if I do say so myself.


Part of me is holding out on doing the other until I see if the first can stand the test of time. Ellie is a pretty messy drinker and ends up with water all over the place so I’m hoping I sealed it well enough so that water doesn’t get through to the paper. Guess you’ll be seeing a painting post in the future if it does!

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Getting my crafts in gear

I went from no crafting to working on several (albeit small) projects this weekend. Here is a pic of the finished flour and sugar canisters:


Please note the awesome piece of furniture that my friend, Deirdre, passed on to me. It’s an Ikea TV console but I am repurposing it for kitchen use. In addition to what you can see in the photo, it has a pull out shelf that is PERFECT for the many rolls of Saran wrap, foil, etc. {and hidden from view might I add!}

My next project from the weekend was done under the shroud of darkness because…well, because I get my whims at the craziest times. I had some leftover spray paint from projects done way long ago so I figured I’d make use of what I have. Here’s the before picture of a message board that I have at my entryway to the kitchen:


Not bad but it doesn’t exactly blend with the color scheme for the rest of the room. I wanted something more colorful. My choices were an olive/limey green or cherryish red. I opted for the green.

Sadly about a minute into my project, the green ran dry. So I decided red was the perfect color! I had done a light coat on the message board when I also ran out of red paint. My luck!! I left the board outside because I was over it for the night. Well, lo and behold, when I looked at it in the light of day It looked pretty decent to me. What do you think?


{note: anyone who comes to my house is not allowed to eagle eye the message board…unless you’re feeling lucky! jk or am I??}

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Procraftination[ proh-kraft-tuh-ney-shuh n ]
1. the act or habit of procraftinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something crafty requiring immediate attention: She was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to put off all kinds of crafty fun. (adapted from’s definition of procrastination)

For the past year I have done lots of daydreaming about different projects I want to do but have not made the time. I have been legitimately busy with a second job and all but could have made time for a little project here and there.

Here is proof that I am no longer procraftinating. I bought these awesome canisters at Garden Ridge for ~$13 each. I thought it was a pretty good deal since they are thick glass and hold a TON (actually more like 10lbs) of flour or sugar. That’s awesome for those of us who like to bake a lot. I think I may get another one of these for my confectioner’s sugar.

These would have worked as is but I thought it would be cool to label them AND I have been eager to use chalkboard paint. My circles aren’t perfect but I am quite happy with the result for the flour canister. I’m letting the sugar canister dry and then it will match it’s flour companion.





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PSA of the day

First off, Happy Memorial Day! I am thankful all of the people who have served to make and keep our country free. I hope to never take that for granted.

So on to my PSA of the day…which probably won’t be rocket science to any of you. If you are going to start a major organization project, make sure the rest of your house is clean first. Otherwise, your house is going to look like a major earthquake hit. Can you guess how mine looks?

I have to relearn this lesson from time to time…maybe I’ve got it this time. Anyway, I’m headed back to the disaster area to make some sense of it all. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, please send help (preferably in the form of cute rescue workers or chocolate).

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Transformation of a Crap Room

Crap Room. That’s right…no typo there. So I moved a couple of months ago from a rental house to my very OWN HOME! I went from sharing living space with a roommate to having THREE {count it out loud with me}
whole bedrooms.

The most exciting part of buying my home was the idea that I would finally have a craft room. My dear sweet dad has been working on a craft table for me and I am super eager to get it here. I have been in my house for two months and my craft room has taken on more of a “crap” room vibe. Apparently, I have been waiting on the table to claim the space for crafting. Today, I had a little intervention with myself and got to cleaning. I’ve already wasted two months of good quality crafting time.

Here are a couple pics of the future craft room in its current sad state. The picture doesn’t quite do it justice because I had already cleaned a good chunk of the room so that I could steam clean the carpets. Don’t judge!



I have a folding table that I can use in the meantime until I get the table from my dad so hopefully I will be posting actual projects in addition to updates of the room transformation. One project is that baker’s rack in the corner…can you even tell that’s what it is with all the junk piled on it??? Anyway, I think it needs a fun bright color. I’m getting a yellow vibe…what do y’all think?

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Please. Rescue. Me. STAT!!

Here are the pictures of the cookies as promised.  They turned out quite tasty–I can vouch for that!  I can not even tell you how many of these I have sampled {I figure if I don’t admit it to you then I can pretend I didn’t really eat them at all, right?}

Here’s a shout out to my older (middle) sister.  She sent me a hand-me-down camera that she was no longer using so that I would have a real camera vs. just using my Droid camera for blog photos.  This hand-me-down camera is very new and nice and here are some samples of its work:

I was impressed with my stacking ability!  It actually was a bit of a challenge because the cookies rose well and were not flat at all!

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Mmmm Cookies…

I am in search of the BEST chocolate chip cookies.  The search unofficially started the very first time I ate a chocolate chip cookie.

Official start of my search: two weeks ago

I tried this recipe courtesy of  This is one of my many favorite recipe sites out in Internet Land {it is even home to my super secret king cake recipe—pretty top secret, eh?} I did make one change to the recipe based on reviews from other bakers.  I used 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar and lowered white sugar to 1/2 cup.  The brown sugar helps to make the cookie chewier…and the perfect chocolate chip cookie to me is crispy on the edges and chewy gooey in the center.

I have been a baker since I was old enough to help my mom out in the kitchen. I wish I had a sweet picture of me as a child in the kitchen, but you see, I was the 3rd and last child my parents had.  I think they were pretty much over picture taking by then.  That’s okay with me, though, because I sported a lot of black eyes back in the day. No, my parents didn’t abuse me…between clumsily walking into things on a regular basis and allergies I pretty much spent most of my childhood looking like I was on the losing end of a fight. Yeah, so what that I was bullied by inanimate objects as a child…anyways let’s get back to the cookies!

As a kid, I always hated creaming the butter and sugar when I made chocolate chip cookies.  Doing that by hand or with hand mixer is nowhere is easy as with my handy Kitchenaid stand mixer that I HEART! I am also sure that ignoring the suggestion to use “softened” butter didn’t help either.  If any recipe ever tells you to use softened butter, be smart and take it to heart.

I used bittersweet chocolate chips because I think it gives the cookies a good balance of sweetness.  While I’m of the line of thinking that it’s virtually impossible to get sweets “too sweet”, I do appreciate a good balance in a chocolate chip cookie.  The parchment paper, while not an absolute must, will help your cookies be the perfect amount of golden/crispy.

I put these bad boys in the fridge for a bit just to let the dough chill.  It’s about time for me to go bake some sample a few.  I will do my best to take a picture for posting later…if I can keep myself from gobbling them faster than you can say Cookie Monster.

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